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Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights (including copyrights, patents, trade marks) whether registered or not on the site shall remain the property of and no customer or other person shall, or shall attempt to obtain any title to such rights. Information appearing on is the copyright of ECR Research B.V. and must not be reproduced in any medium without license. Users are permitted to copy some content for their personal use as private individuals only. Users are not allowed to republish any part of the data either on another website, or in any medium, print, electronic or otherwise, or as part of any commercial service without the prior permission of the managing director of ECR Research. If you require any further information on permitted use, or a license to republish any material, please contact us by email. If you are granted a license to reproduce content you will be required to follow some simple guidelines about the way the information is displayed. An acknowledgement of the source must be included whenever ECR Research copyright content is copied or republished. In the event that the amount of data in commercially produced articles is significant then ECR Research reserves the right to charge a fee or royalty, which reflects the amount of information used.

Terms and conditions

The subscriber purchases a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to access specific ECR Research services, which will be subject to the following terms and conditions. The paid content within the site is also referred to in this agreement as intellectual property, publications, reports, content and services. Once your organisation, or a person within it, has had access to any content subject to these conditions, you are agreeing that your organisation is deemed to be aware of, and consents to, this agreement.

  • All subscriptions are automatically renewed at list price unless cancelled or downgraded in writing at least one month before expiry date: your cancellation or downgraded renewal must be sent to us by email. ECR Research does not grant any refunds.

  • Subscription upgrades within the agreed subscription period will extend the previous subscription with 12 months and replace the existing agreement. Any remaining months of the previous agreement will be settled in the new subscription fee.

  • You will be invoiced separately by Euro Currency Research ECR B.V. and payment is due upon receipt.

Availability of services

ECR Research will use reasonable endeavors to ensure that the services will be made available to the subscriber 24 hours per day throughout the subscription period (‘normal service availability’). In the event that ECR Research has to suspend the services temporarily due to technical difficulties or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of ECR Research, ECR Research will use all possible endeavors to resume normal service availability as soon as practicable but shall not be liable for any loss, damage or claim caused by such variation or suspension.

Authorised use of services

Access to the services is restricted to the specific users. The subscriber will notify ECR Research as soon as a user has left the company, or no longer requires access, so that a replacement user can be assigned access during the term of the agreement. The subscriber also warrants that a) he/she shall ensure that any user name, password or other identification measure employed to access the services is not disclosed to any person other than the person(s) authorized to access the same, and b) all authorized persons will use the services only in accordance with this agreement.

Company details

ECR Research is published by Euro Currency Research, ECR B.V., registered in The Netherlands No.62024116.

Sales agent: Domark Services, Lange Viestraat 333, 3511 BK Utrecht – Netherlands.