Japan is in the benchmark, but is it in your portfolio?

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Our Fund Selection Model uses 4 factors (performance, consistency, costs & risk) to select a top 30 of investment funds (including ETF’s) for every major asset class. The results for 16 large asset classes are clearly presented each quarter in our Fund Selection Performance Review. A big help in making informed and objective choices regarding the selection of investment funds.


Next to the 4 blocks that are used to rank the funds, a (relative) ESG score is also included! Even if you have a fund selection process in place this can serve as an excellent comparison tool. Do the top 30 funds (including ETF’s) we pull up differ to yours and give you food for thought?


Alongside our quarterly Fund Selection model, you will also receive monthly updates with our 'Fund Selection model - Insights'. In these updates we will zoom in on markets and highlight specific fund selection opportunities and/or developments.

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