Monthly FX Poll

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Forecasts for the EURUSD have not moved too much since last month. On the short term, median forecasts have decreased or increased (Q3 & Q4). Medium term median forecasts have increased quite a bit (2022 & 2023), while long term median forecasts have remained stable (2024). In most cases, mean forecasts follow a similar path as median forecasts.


At the other side of the world, things are different. Median forecasts for the EURJPY have increased on the short term (Q3 & Q4). Medium term forecasts (2022) and long term forecasts (2023) have both increased quite a bit. Mean forecasts have increased as well, or remained stable.


Back in Europe forecasts for the EURGBP have remained pretty stable up to 2022, while for 2023 forecasts have increased. In Switzerland forecasts for the EURCHF have decreased for 2023, but up to 2022 have remained stable.


Our Monthly FX Poll consists of more than just these four major currency pairs, so please find in our Monthly FX Poll an overview of the predictions of approximately 50 leading banks and brokers for the most commonly traded currency pairs (including the date for each party).

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