What our clients say…

Natelie Kallis
Treasury Department
The Cyprus Development Bank Public Company Ltd, Cyprus

As a small bank, with no in-house research team, ECR researchhelped provide, at a competitive price, mid-term research tocomplement our existing market news and information, which isprimarily shorter term in nature

José Ramón Arechederra Zabala
CEO of Pensions
Liberbank Pensions, Spain

ECR makes me think. ECR doesn't "buy" the main streams. They try to go further in ideas and terms. That's why they're like me. They take risks and do not tell me what things happened yesterday but what could happen int he future. Thanks very much for being there

Chief Investment Officer
Asset Manager, South Africa

ECR offers a means of processing and filtering the myriad of views and opinions out there whilst providing their own expert analysis and views on what matters, potential developments and the likely outlook combining fundamentals and technicals in a coherent manner

Head of Investment & Treasury
Asset Manager, Luxembourg

We appreciate the added value of ECR's research. These well-explained reports make a solid contribution to our forecasting andfore sight exercises. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they were fully utilised and helped the company meet its investment objectives