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Technical Trend Outlook

The Nikkei's comeback

Thursday, 04 July 2024, written by Henk-Jan Pijper

Is the NIKKEI 225 index about to breakout to the upside?

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We think the very thin US stock market leadership is more and more a red flag. When will the music stop?

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Thursday, 06 June 2024
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  • US stock market: We are very fast approaching a climax top in Nvidia. 
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Thursday, 23 May 2024

The major US stock market indices all achieved new all-time highs this week. It is said that there is nothing more bullish than a stock market making a new high. At the same time, there are signals that warrant short-term caution. Is it time to play defense or are higher stock prices ahead?

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Message from the author


"At ECR, we've long supported our fundamental and macro investment views with technical analysis research. We believe it adds great value to the investment process, in particular by identifying trends and key turning points.

In my report, I give a comprehensive technical outlook for major stock, bond, commodity, precious metal, and FX markets. Central to our analysis is our proprietary Technical Trend Model, which employs trend-following principles to objectively assess trend directions for both a medium & longer-term investment horizon. We also pinpoint critical areas of chart support and resistance and evaluate upside potential and/or downside risks.

Investors find our outlooks great value as the input for their tactical asset allocation decisions, validating their own investment ideas, discover emerging investment opportunities, make well-timed decisions, and manage risk effectively. 

Take a closer look at how this report is put together in the short Screencast video here below.”

Henk-Jan Pijper, Senior Financial Markets Analyst

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