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Asset Allocation

Read how ECR would invest. Benchmark your asset allocation and fund managers. Check if 60 leading investors put their money where their mouths are. And more.

Global Financial Markets

Understand how global economies and financial markets interrelate. Get concrete predictions on all major markets. Put political risks in the right perspective. And more.

FX & Interest Rates

Get the most likely fundamental and technical scenario's on EUR/USD, GBP, JPY, CHF, US and EMU rates. Compare your views and strategy with our hedging perspective. And more.


Unbiased Research


ECR is privately owned and strictly independent. ECR Research has no investment or trading activities. Our sole aim is to provide you with research and advice to best suit your needs.

Unbiased Research


No nonsense or jargon, but a crystal clear analysis of all that matters with regard to asset allocation, global financial markets and politics to enable you to spend more time with clients and on other core activities.

Unbiased Research


ECR offers a high quality service at just a fraction of the cost of alternative, in-house and external, research solutions. We guarantee that you will find a subscription package that suits you!