What our clients say…

Natelie Kallis
Treasury Department
The Cyprus Development Bank Public Company Ltd, Cyprus

As a small bank, with no in-house research team, ECR research helped provide, at a competitive price, mid-term research to complement our existing market news and information, which is primarily shorter term in nature

Sergio Hartweger
Managing Partner
Hartweger & Partners, Switzerland

We really appreciate ECR's in-depth analysis. They give us a substantiated insight into economic developments and the consequences for the investment markets. We need this in order to make well-founded strategic and tactical investment decisions. We also appreciate the friendly and flexible customer service.

Peeter Koppel
Private banking investment Strategist
SEB Bank, Estonia

At the times of ample liquidity the importance of time as a resource that can’t just be printed, increases significantly. ECR enables me tosave time and focus on trends, which are truly important. In a perfect world everyone’s morning newspaper would be put together by ECR.Luckily mine is.

Volker G
SerMont Asset Management SA, Liechtenstein

As a former researcher, I know how difficult it is to produce high-qualityresearch. It has to be systematic, analytical, accurate, logical but also challenging and highlighting opportunities, timely and most importantly having a clear opinion. For these reasons we have chosen ECR.