What our clients say…

Kevin Edwards
Midland Financial Solutions, United Kingdom

ECR has been our investment research provider since 2015, during which time we have been very impressed with their independent insight into the likely strategy of Central Bank policy and how that could affect asset prices. The depth of research and technical analysis we receive from ECR forms a core part of our internal investment committee discussions and helps us to formulate suitable investment strategy for our investment and pension clients.


Michael Jeppesen
Group Finance Manager
Solar AS Group, Denmark

Being a customer at ECR for more than 10 years, I have really come to appreciate their ability to in a concise way to communicate a complex analysis, so it is easily accessible. So for me the analysis from ECR are an important in decision-making

Peeter Koppel
Private banking investment Strategist
SEB Bank, Estonia

At the times of ample liquidity the importance of time as a resource that can’t just be printed, increases significantly. ECR enables me tosave time and focus on trends, which are truly important. In a perfect world everyone’s morning newspaper would be put together by ECR.Luckily mine is.

Volker G
SerMont Asset Management SA, Liechtenstein

As a former researcher, I know how difficult it is to produce high-qualityresearch. It has to be systematic, analytical, accurate, logical but also challenging and highlighting opportunities, timely and most importantly having a clear opinion. For these reasons we have chosen ECR.