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This is what our clients tell us.

SAI Globinvest SA, Romania,
Walter Blaj, Director General Adjunct

As an equity oriented fund manager, we use a bottom-up approach in structuring our funds’ portfolios. However, from time to time we feel the need for a more precise macro orientation. And here is where ECR fills, in a cost-effective way, a gap in our needs, with its independent, reliable and extremely well structured reports.

WMM Group, Germany,
Giovanni De Luigi, Co-Head of Portfolio Management

We very much appreciate the unbiased and independent views of ECR, it helps us in forming our asset class forecasts and in constructing our portfolio’s asset allocation. The efficient use of time is key for us and ECR offers a product that concentrate's many different house’s macro views in a very organized and logical readings.


BFI Capital Group, Switzerland,
Frank R. Suess, Executive Chairman

We opted for ECR because of the quality of their work, their independence on macro and asset allocation analysis, and because we like the fact that, in cases of questions, ECR is very approachable and available on a personal level. Overall, their package seemed most attractive to us compared to other competitors. We have been very happy with our decision ever since.

Banco Portogues de Gestao (BPG), Portugal,
João Folque, Head of Financial Markets

As a user of ECR Research for several years, I find it always very useful and appreciate the independent nature and the ability they have to openly express opinions about markets directions. I have no doubt in my mind that this a very powerful tool to navigate the difficult and challenging times ahead.

Ante Asset Management, Liechtenstein,
Guenther Biederman, Partner & Board of Directors

When it comes to ECR, we value their independent opinion on the investment markets and geopolitical issues. ECR's research gives us ideas for internal asset allocation. The charts provided are particularly helpful in identifying possible trends in good time.

Swissquote Bank S.A, Switzerland,
Stefano Gianti, Education Manager

Before dealing with the financial markets, it is advisable to deal first with ECR's, because they can always give you a privileged point of view on what is happening, but above all, what could happen. The added value lies in offering both an excellent and detailed fundamental and technical analysis, which always provides good timing to open your trades and manage investments.

Banque de Commerce et de Placements, Switzerland,
Orhan Altas, Head of Treasury

ECR gives our team an independent view on global financial markets. They provide detailed analyses, relationships between financial markets and trends which are supported by theory and past experiences. ECR's dedicated team of experts give us an opportunity to analyse and evaluate volatile and unexpected market conditions from a different perspective.

MODRA Asset Management, Slovenia,
Alenka Čok Pangeršič, Executive Director

I use ECR Research reports for all our internal committees to take strategic or tactical investment decisions. I appreciate their independence and the ability to collect and comment a huge pool of data

Feilo Sylvania Group, United Kingdom,
Doug Dawson, Group Treasury Director

I am more than satisfied with the reports. Whilst we are relatively quiet on the FX side of things at the moment I find that the information provided by ECR is extremely useful when I come to set the FX rates for the following year and to be honest this is my primary source of information when making the decisions.