What our clients say…

Peeter Koppel
Private banking investment Strategist
SEB Bank, Estonia

At the times of ample liquidity the importance of time as a resource that can’t just be printed, increases significantly. ECR enables me tosave time and focus on trends, which are truly important. In a perfect world everyone’s morning newspaper would be put together by ECR.Luckily mine is.

Volker G
SerMont Asset Management SA, Liechtenstein

As a former researcher, I know how difficult it is to produce high-qualityresearch. It has to be systematic, analytical, accurate, logical but also challenging and highlighting opportunities, timely and most importantly having a clear opinion. For these reasons we have chosen ECR.

Giovanni De Luigi
Deputy Head of Portfolio Management
WMM Group, Germany

We very much appreciate the unbiased and independent view of ECR,it helps us in forming our asset class forecasts and in constructing our portfolio’s asset allocation. The efficient use of time is key for us and ECR offers a product that concentrate's many different house’s macroviews in a very organized and logical readings.

Guenther Biederman
Antes Asset Management
Antes Asset Management, Liechtenstein

At ECR, we value their independent opinion on the investment marketsand geopolitical issues. ECR's research gives us ideas for internal asset allocation. The charts provided are particularly helpful in identifying possible trends in good time.