What our clients say…

Frank R. Suess
Executive Chairman
BFI Capital Group, Switzerland

We opted for ECR because of the quality of their work, their independence on macro and asset allocation analysis, and because we like the fact that, incases of questions, ECR is very approachable and available on a personal level. Overall, their package seemed most attractive to us compared to other competitors. We have been very happy with our decision ever since.

Head of Investment & Treasury
Asset Manager, Luxembourg

We appreciate the added value of ECR's research. These well-explained reports make a solid contribution to our forecasting and foresight exercises. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they were fully utilised and helped the company meet its investment objectives

Roman Limacher
Managing Director
Arete Ethik Invest AG, Switzerland

I enjoy reading the regular market commentaries from ECR Research– the conclusions are put into a broader context. I also appreciate thetechnical trend outlook, as it gives me a quick overview of various investment topics. The reading encourages me to question common opinions

Managing Director
Asset Manager, Cyprus

As an asset manager it is time-consuming to filter through the plethora ofresearch and opinions available by research institutes. ECR offers asummary of the key views that affect market direction,while at the sametime offering their own independent expert analysis on trends and market developments in an easy to read manner