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Maarten Spek

Global Macro & Investment Strategist

Maarten has been a key figure at ECR since 2006, leading our team of analysts with expertise and innovation. His academic excellence, demonstrated by graduating cum laude in International Economy from Erasmus University Rotterdam, has been instrumental in expanding and refining the research capabilities at ECR. Maarten has played a key role in expanding our research domains and refining our methodology.

His expertise and adept integration of fundamental analysis and chart technical analysis have culminated in the authorship of our weekly G10 FX reports, which have garnered the attention of over 35 Central Banks worldwide. Together with Edward and the team, Maarten has also developed a comprehensive range of Asset Allocation reports that have become a cornerstone of our offerings. 

Maarten actively participates in VBA Bond Commission meetings, showcasing his dedication to the field. He communicates effectively in Dutch and English, ensuring his insights reach a global audience.

Recent Publications

SAA Special: Demography & Deglobalisation

Tuesday, 14 May 2024

Globalization and labor force growth have directly and indirectly provided a tremendous boost to asset prices in recent decades. In the coming years, labor forces in many major economies will shrink or this trend has already started. In addition, we must consider the threat of deglobalization. What are the long-term consequences and what do they mean for strategic asset allocation decisions?

Risk of policy mistake increases

Monday, 13 May 2024

Before starting a rate cutting cycle, the ECB and the Fed first want assurances that inflation has resumed the downward trend. This increases risks of a policy mistake by both central banks…

Data dependent

Monday, 29 April 2024

Structural factors continue to exert more upward pressure on inflation compared to the years before the corona crisis. This complicates the work of central banks. Can they lower interest rates substantially in this climate?

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