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Maria Thorvardardottir

Sales Director

Maria, who has served as Sales Director at ECR since 2011, first joined the company in 2004 as an account manager. Throughout her tenure, Maria has made significant contributions, not only in expanding the sales team but also in improving service delivery and marketing efforts.

Her academic background in Business & Management Studies, acquired from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, laid the foundation for her successful career. Prior to joining ECR, Maria's professional experience spanned the hospitality and marketing industry, where she honed her skills in client service and strategic business development. Maria, an Icelandic native, brings a unique multicultural perspective to her role, having lived across Europe. She fluently speaks Dutch, English, and Icelandic.

Her leadership and strategic vision have fuelled ECR's growth and extended its influence in the financial research industry. Maria's adeptness in international sales and dedication to service excellence make her pivotal to ECR's ongoing success.

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