What our clients say…

Walter Blaj
Director General Adjunct
SAI Globinvest SA, Romania

As an equity oriented fund manager, we use a bottom-up approach in structuring our funds portfolios. However, from time to time we feel the need for a more precise macro orientation. And here is where ECR fills, in a cost-effective way, a gap in our needs, with itsindependent, reliable and extremely well structured reports

Michael Jeppesen
Group Finance Manager
Solar AS Group, Denmark

Being a customer at ECR for more than 10 years, I have really come to appreciate their ability to in a concise way to communicate a complex analysis, so it is easily accessible. So for me the analysis from ECR are important in my decision-making

Doug Dawson
Group Treasury Director
Feilo Sylvania Group, United Kingdom

I am more than satisfied with the reports. Whilst we are relatively quiet on the FX side of things at the moment I find that the information provided by ECR is extremely useful when I come to set the FX rates for the following year and to be honest this is my primary source of information when making the decisions

Natelie Kallis
Treasury Department
The Cyprus Development Bank Public Company Ltd, Cyprus

As a small bank, with no in-house research team, ECR researchhelped provide, at a competitive price, mid-term research tocomplement our existing market news and information, which isprimarily shorter term in nature