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Money Talks, Money Walks

Money Talks, Money Walks - April 2024

Monday, 08 April 2024, written by Eelco Ubbels

Despite an increase in long-term rates, the very positive mood from the last quarter of 2023 has been extended into the first three months of 2024. Consequently, the model recommendations for Equities, Bonds and Real Estate remain overweight, with a strong conviction for Equities. 

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Money Talks, Money Walks - March 2024

Tuesday, 12 March 2024

This month, Equities and Real Estate remain overweight in our Money Talks Money Walks model, while Bonds holds on to an overweight recommendation with strong conviction. For a more detailed analysis, as well as possible model recommendation changes in other asset categories, please read the March issue of the Money Talks Money Walks.

Money Talks, Money Walks - February 2024

Wednesday, 14 February 2024

In January, equity indices continued their impressive climb. This has resulted in an upgrade for equities in our MTMW model. In addition, there are two other upgrades and three downgrades this month..

Money Talks, Money Walks - January 2024

Wednesday, 17 January 2024

The final two months of 2023 could be characterized as an ‘everything rally’. This has its effect on our Money Talks Money Walks model with five recommendation changes in total this month…

How the model works?

Our ‘Money Talks, Money Walks’ report is based on the recommendations of over 60 leading global Asset Managers and in- and outflow into the main asset classes. The combination of these two reports and our Fund Selection Model gives you an excellent benchmark for your own asset allocation decisions

This unique model is a tactical asset allocation tool that provides investors with model-based recommendations to have an overweight, underweight or neutral stance on the main asset and sub-asset classes. If analysis shows that all the signs within a particular pillar are positive, then the model recommendation is to overweight this asset class. If all the signs are negative, then the model recommendation is to underweight this asset class. Finally, if the pillars give contradictory signals, it is better to take a neutral stance. It is the combined information that counts.

In addition, our Portfolio Management Service is available as a supplement to subscribers of our ‘Money Talks, Money Walks’ report. It comprises of 12 monthly tailor-made update reports, in which we will implement ‘Money Talks Money Walks’ advice to determine the tactical asset allocation. This results in a model portfolio with over- and under-weightings. The degree of these over- and under-weightings depends on the volatility of the respective asset class (all data provided by you will be treated with full confidentiality)


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